Best Self-Defense Weapons for Home Safety

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In order to protect you and your family, there are various self-defense weapons for home safety. It is important to understand how to use each weapon described below so that your home is secure and protected. Some of your best self-defense weapons are already in your home, while there are others you can purchase.

The following is a list of the best self-defense weapons for home safety to consider for you and your family:


This weapon may or may not be a suitable option for you, depending on your stance on gun laws in the U.S. and various legal regulations and policies world-wide.  Many hold strong opinions and values when it comes to owning a gun. While it may not be for everyone, it is an important option to consider for your protection.
There will always be ongoing debate on what type of gun is the best for home defense. I am not going to go into detail on each gun and the benefits of each in this article, but it’s important to educate yourself in this area if you want to purchase a gun.

There are two critical issues you need to understand when you have a gun in the house.

  • Safety – make sure your gun is in a safe a secure location, especially if you have children. You also want to make sure you have had formal training to understand how to use a gun properly. If the gun is in a safe, it’s smart to create a plan on how you will access it if there is a home invasion.
  • Concealed Carry training is a must – You will need to get this training if you will be taking your weapon with you out in public or even carrying it with you while in the home.

I strongly encourage you to educate yourself on gun laws and regulations in your city, and follow through on this critical training if you decide to own a gun to protect you, your family, and your home.

Pepper Spray

This is an affordable and effective product you can use to defend yourself at home and take with you when you are away from home as well. As for use of Pepper Spray as a self-defense weapon in your home, always have pepper spray on your nightstand for easy access to protect yourself if an intruder enters your home during the night. You can also have it placed somewhere accessible on the main floor of your home, in the event you would need it for protection during the day. Each family member who is old enough and responsible enough to carry the pepper spray, can also do so any time they leave the house. It’s up to the parents to discern what age is most appropriate for each child when it comes to giving them Pepper Spray. My daughter is 14-years-old and she carries Pepper Spray with her wherever she goes.

The two requirements you need to make this an effective tool for self-defense, is to know how to use it, and have it easily accessible at all times.

Stun Gun

Just like pepper spray, this can be an effective weapon to have on hand, both at home and when you are out in public. It can be also be placed in your nightstand for protection against any unwelcome intruders in the night.  If you are a woman, the Stun Gun is another viable option for you to carry with you when you are out in public. Women are at a higher risk of sexual attacks, and the alarming statistics show that over half of these attacks occur near the victim’s home (Rape Victims Advocates). Carrying a Stun Gun or Pepper Spray is a safety habit all women need to consider for their protection.

Tactical Pens or Tactical Flashlights

These are excellent alternative options you can have at the ready, both in your home and on your person when you are out in public. As with the Pepper Spray and Stun Gun, the tactical pens and flashlights can only be effective if you have easy access to them when you are in danger. They are designed to aid you in physically defending yourself against an attacker. These particular self-defense items are used to hit and injure the aggressor, and allow you to escape.

Household items can be a Self-Defense Weapon

Everything around your home can be used as a weapon to defend yourself. If you have ever watched Jason Bourne movies, he uses a pen to stab the attacker’s hand and a rolled up magazine to defend himself.

Look around the house at everything you have. Then imagine what you can use to defend yourself if an intruder breaks in to harm you.

Every room has items you can use for weapons in self-defense.  Let’s look closely at two areas of your home as examples:

Bedrooms– Almost every bedroom has the following items that can be used effectively in self-defense:

House lamps, hard cover books, alarm clocks, decorative frames, vases, etc. are all excellent options to consider in protecting yourself from an intruder. You can quickly grab any of these items and use them to hit the attacker and defend yourself. The most effective places to aim when striking a blow with an object are the head and neck. Any extension of your own arm is useful in packing more punch to your hit. Look around your own bedroom and identify these common household items you have access to, and make a note of where they are and consider which items would be most dangerous and effective to use.

Kitchen – All kitchens have the most amount of weapons to use in self-defense. Take an inventory of all your cutlery, heavy pans, skillets, and various kitchen tools. All of these kitchen items are important self-defense weapons when used to hurt an attacker. The kitchen has a full arsenal at the ready, if you can get there in time.

If your home is invaded and you are not in either the bedroom or the kitchen area, use this new-found information and awareness to find any object near you in any room you are in to defend yourself. Look for the hardest and heaviest item you can pick up easily to hit the attacker. Your goal is to escape, so anything that deters the criminal for a minute can possibly give you enough time to flee and/or call 911.

The final weapon you can use is your PHONE

Most people have their phone near them at all times. In this day and age of our dependency on technology and all things social media, we are rarely far from our phones. If at all possible, dial 911 as soon as you are aware of any home invader. If criminals know the police are on their way, they often flee the location.