Home Security Strategies to Keep your Family Safe

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Home security should be comprehensive. One or two measures will not suffice. Burglars can identify vulnerabilities and only a holistic security setup will discourage them from attempting a break-in.

You should secure the doors and windows, cut back brush around the house, secure the garage and encrypt your wireless internet network. Here is an extensive guide to help you develop home security strategies to keep your family safe.

Doors Security

Doors should be sturdy. This means you must have a strong door and a reliable door frame. Many homeowners do not realize the significance of the frame. If the door frame is weak, then no matter how strong your door is, it can still be easily removed or broken down.

If you have an old house, consider replacing the door frame and the door. You should also get a sturdy deadbolt that is bump key resistant. Choose the best brands and consider the premium models like the ones we have on our review page.

You may need to spend a few hundred dollars on locks to get the ones that are bump resistant and not easily picked. Make sure you choose a deadbolt that goes far into the door frame. Shallow deadbolts are easy to tamper with and easy to kick in.

We like this Door Armour product to prevent people from kicking in the door.

Consider getting a security screen as extra protection. Use longer screws for the strike plate so it is not easily dislodged. Longer set screws will make sure the strike plate resists kicks and battering attacks.

Get an additional lock that can be operated only from inside. This may not be of much importance when you are away as it shall remain unlocked, the extra lock does serve as a major safety measure when you are in the house and it is bolted from inside.

The purpose of door security is to make it harder for the burglars to break-in and also to deter them from trying. Most burglars will not take the risk of spending too many minutes just trying to break into a house.

Windows Security

There are three basic windows security measures you must take at the outset. Have locks for your windows. These locks should not be accessible in any way from outside. The windows should be sturdy. Whether it is a wooden or a vinyl window, the primary material cannot be of poor quality.

The glass in the windows can be reinforced by adding a protective film to the glass. The third factor is the frame. Just as it is with doors, the frames of windows will determine how easy they are to knock out.

You should consider getting a grille or security bar for windows if you live in a really bad neighborhood. If you have large windows with a major part being the glass, then having a security bar for the window is imperative.

A security bar that prevents the easy entry of an intruder and will also serve as deterrence. You may consider planting thorny shrubs and get a film on the window glass so burglars cannot see through. Reinforced glass for windows can be smash proof. Such types of glass are costly but they are a worthwhile investment.

Light up the Landscape

This is an easy but effective deterrence for burglars. Your house may have a small or sprawling lawn, you might have a driveway and you probably have a backyard.

The entire landscape around your home should be well lit. You should get motion activated flood lights.

You want enough lighting to eliminate dark corners or shades in and around your home. Thieves or burglars, whoever has any criminal intent, will always prefer darkness. They thrive in the shaded area so they can sneak in undetected.

If you want to consume less electricity just have motion sensor lights that automatically turn on in the night.

Garage Security

The garage door should be sturdy. It should open and close properly. It could be a manual or an automatic garage door. Regardless of how it is operated, there should not be any malfunction. Always check if the door is opening completely and closing as it should.

  • Keep door openers inside your house or in the car.
  • Use reliable locks for manual doors.
  • Use screens for windows in your garage.
  • You may also choose frosted windows.
  • Always keep the service door locked.
  • If any burglar should get access to your garage, they should not have an immediate and convenient passage to your house through the service door.

Do not keep valuables in the garage that can be easily spotted through the windows. This serves as an invitation for burglars.

You should replace the garage door and its frame if they are too old.

You can use a zip tie for your garage door or have a lock on it for when you go on vacation. I would not put a lock on the garage door for everyday use. The door will be locked when using a garage door opener. If you have a garage door opener attached and the door is closed no one should be able to open the garage door just pulling on it.

You should consider installing an alarm and motion sensing devices in the garage.

Set up a Security System

This is one of the most important home security strategies. You should have a security system to keep your family safe and to protect valuable commodities you own.

The security system should a state of the art one. The alarm systems come in many different set-ups and models. You can check out what we recommend for alarms looking to see the reviews and pricing from Amazon. You can install at the main door, back door, windows and garage door.

You can have modern systems with all the bells and whistles such as motion sensors and wireless security systems.

Install Security Cameras

You should install security cameras around the house. Not every house requires the most state-of-the-art security system with infrared sensors among other technologies.

A security camera at the main door and one or two covering the immediate surroundings, to spot movement and capture the people in the video, should be more than sufficient to deter burglars.

Make sure you avoid blind spots when you install the security cameras. Consult with an expert and you will have the entire perimeter of your house covered by the installed cameras.

It is very tricky picking the right security camera system so check out some of the camera systems other customers have highly rated on Amazon.

Secure the Wi-Fi Network

Security is not always physical. You must protect your virtual security as well. If you have a wireless internet network, no matter how wide its coverage area and hence accessibility is, it must be locked down.

The network should always be protected using a strong password. You should consider upgrading your modem and router if they are not secure enough. There have been fascinating development in the quality of security modems and routers have these days.

Eliminate Hiding Places in the Landscape

Just as your immediate surrounding needs to be light up and monitored using security cameras, you should ensure there are no convenient hiding areas for burglars and trespassers.

You must get rid of all the places that can be used for hiding. Bushes provide sufficient refuge. Large trees can also make it difficult, not just for security cameras but also for humans, to spot trespassers and burglars. We are not talking getting rid of everything that is a plant in your yard we are saying just keep it trimmed up.

Maintain the lawn and the garden.

Trim the trees, shrubs, and bushes.

You should have a neat and clean landscape with no spot for burglars and trespassers to hide.

Get a Video Doorbell System

You should get a video doorbell system. This may seem to be redundant if you are already installing security cameras but not every house has the monitors with the live video feed next to the main door or back door. The monitors are usually in the study or home office, kitchen or dining area, living room or in the master bedroom. A video doorbell system enables everyone to know precisely who is at the entrance.

Get a Guard Dog

A guard dog can be a lifesaver in various circumstances. If a house does not have any security system at all, then having a guard dog is imperative. Even if a house has some kind of security system, regardless of the type of technology, having a guard dog is one more step towards keeping your family safe.

Consider a German shepherd, Rottweiler, Doberman pinscher, bullmastiff, boxer, Great Dane or giant schnauzer. You will have to put in a bit of effort to get familiar with your pet and train it to be an efficient guard dog. This effort is more than worthwhile.

There are burglars and trespassers who take the risk of manipulating security systems but steer clear of properties that have guard dogs.

In Conclusion

Home security is a quintessential requirement. There were times when people lived in the same neighborhood for generations and knew everyone in the area. It was not uncommon for all main doors to remain open and the setting welcoming for sundry.

Times have changed and millions of people must move for work and other reasons, settle in new cities, suburbs or towns and live their lives in a strange place for a while before they get accustomed with the locality. Even if you know the people around you, it is never unwise to be safe than being sorry.

Home security does not have to be too expensive. There are many moderately priced security systems. You can strengthen the security measures without spending a small fortune. Prioritize feasibility and how any security measure will work. Do not simply rely on the claims of manufacturers. Assess the pros and cons of every installation you consider, compare models and brands to make a truly informed decision.