Do Home Security Systems Deter Burglars?

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What is the number one thing in the world you care about most? I’m betting the answer is your family. Our families are so important to us, and we would do just about anything to protect them. One of the top concerns we all have is our family’s safety. We want to keep our family members safe from anything in the world that may hurt them. Our homes are equally important then, so we must ensure our family members are well protected in our homes. The most efficient way to secure your home is by installing a home security system.

But do home security systems really deter burglars?

This is a good question to ask when looking at your home and trying to find the best way to protect your family and secure the residence. To answer your question, home security systems DO deter burglars. It is one of the best ways you can protect your home from any criminal activity

If you really want to know if an alarm system is a deterrent, then look no further than asking the burglars themselves. A study conducted through the University of North Carolina at Charlotte had interviewed over 400 incarcerated inmates who were in prison for burglary. The study showed more than 60% of the criminals would go find another house to break into, if the house they targeted had a security alarm system. This is convincing evidence that home security alarm systems are effective in protecting your home. Doing your research and investing in the most effective home security system is obviously worth it.

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How Loud is the Alarm

One important benefit you need to check into, is the volume of the actual alarm. The louder the alarm, the better. Noise is the #1 thing a burglar does not like, besides maybe an attack dog. Someone breaking into a home wants to be as quiet as a mouse. Burglars spend an average of about 5 minutes in the home. They do not need much time to get in and steal some major valuables like jewelry, guns, cash and credit cards. They do not want to alert anyone that they are breaking into a home, so a system that sets off a loud alarm will definitely be a good deterrent. I use LiveWatch security system, and when that alarm goes off, the decibel level is really loud, actually hurting my ears. This is what you want in an alarm system. A device that goes off loudly to scare an intruder away.

Most alarms will be at 105 db plus, when the alarm is activated. Is that loud enough for your neighbor to hear and call police? Probably not. But the alarm can be used to startle the burglar and notify the criminal that the system has contacted the monitoring company that will then contact the police. The other benefit of having an alarm is that it will wake you up if you are sleeping and an intruder is in the house at night.

True Story on if Alarms Actually Work 

My LiveWatch system was used in a house I was selling. It was vacant while we renovated it so I put this LiveWatch alarm system in that house for about 4 months. That is the great thing about these DIY security systems that are wireless. You can take them anywhere because they are mobile. All you need to do is inform the city by getting an alarm permit and call the company to change the monitoring address. Thank goodness I put this in because some criminal threw a rock through the back sliding glass door window. The alarm sounded and I was called and then LiveWatch dispatched the police. I got a call from the police on site about 10 minutes later telling me to come down and secure the house because the back sliding glass door was busted out.

This was unfortunate, because they broke the window which cost $500. The good thing however, is the alarm went off and this criminal ran from the house when the alarm went off, unable to do any more damage or cause any other issues. There was nothing in the home for the robber to steal, not even tools, because we made sure we took our tools with us when we left every day.

I have put this same system in other homes that are vacant and then placed the monitor signs in both the front and back of the home. I have never had another issue with anyone breaking into the homes that have the security system.

Make sure to test your alarm after you set it up.

You want to make sure your alarm works properly after you set it up if you did a DIY security system like LiveWatch or SimpliSafe. The great thing about these systems is you can get on with support when doing the initial installation and they will walk through the set up. Once the setup is complete they will put the alarm in test mode and work with you to test the alarm to make sure all contact devices at the doors and windows work.

So, if you want to keep your family safe then investing in a good home security system is a great way to do that. You can easily DIY when it comes to buying one and setting it up. The other option is to go with one of the big security companies like ADT. They can come out and work with you on pricing and choosing their various safety options. They will do the installation, so if you are not handy or tech savvy with all the security gear, just relax and let them do it.

Alarm Systems Deter but Don’t Make Breaking in Easy

You and your family are the best target for criminals if you have a big home, possess expensive valuables and drive nice cars. They see your home and think they will score big if they can break in. To insure that you and your family will be protected, there are additional safety procedures you need to consider putting in place:

Always make sure you close and lock ALL your windows and doors before you leave your home. That also means the second floor windows as well. Burglars can find a way to get into those too. You’d be surprised how many homes leave a door or window unlocked. Most burglars break in through a door or window they find unlocked!

Check to make sure your garage is shut when you leave the house. Many people simply forget to close it when they are in a hurry to get to work or anywhere they need to be. This is an invitation to any thief when they see the garage door open and NO cars are there.

Most break-ins happen in the middle of the day between 11:00AM and 3:00PM. Criminals know most people are away from their home at work and kids are at school, so this is the best time for them to go unnoticed, as most people aren’t home to catch them in the act. If you aren’t home and you have no security cameras or alarm systems in place, the thief considers your home an ideal target.

Besides the security system, another effective deterrent is having a guard dog. Any dog that barks loud is great, but the larger the dog the better. If a burglar hears a dog begin to bark, they are more apt to move on to the next house.

In order to keep the most important people in your life protected and safe, it’s critical to take these procedures seriously and invest in an effective alarm system. If you don’t have the financial means to purchase an alarm system, then you must practice these safety strategies regularly and you can find additional information about protecting your home here.