How Do Burglars Choose A Home To Rob?

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If you know how burglars choose a home to burglarize, then you can work to better secure your property. You have to figure out what makes your house an easy target, then you need to change it to make your home a bad choice for burglars.

Let’s look at some of the easy ways a burglar enters a home

If you make it easy to break into your home, it will likely be targeted. Make sure you secure your home during the day and at night. Let’s look at some critical statistics that will help you understand how to best keep your home protected.

  • 33% of burglars will go through the front door because it was unlocked or they will kick in the door
  • 24% of burglars can just open your window and get in because it was left unlocked, or they just break the window
  • 21% of burglars will break in through the back door by breaking a window in the door, kicking the door in or just opening it because it was not locked
  • 10% of burglars go through the garage through a side door or the garage door was left open.
  • 4% of burglars enter in through the basement, either through a window or door to a basement
  • 25% of burglars get on the second floor roof and find a window open

Now that you have learned the various ways robbers will enter your home, make sure to secure your doors, garage doors, and windows!

Burglars look for homes that appear vacant

If burglars spot a house with a bunch of newspapers on the porch, then they will target that house. Nothing invites theft like an empty house full of valuables.

When you leave town, make sure you stop the newspaper delivery. You also need to stop the mail or at least have your neighbor get your mail while you are gone.  I personally do not want my neighbor to see my mail so I go online to have the postal service hold my mail until a specific date.

You must not post on social media that you are on vacation. You might as well take out an ad in the paper saying you are not home. I know it’s hard not to share pictures of your trip, but you don’t want the world to know your house is vacant.

The other thing you can do when you are out of town is leave a radio or TV turned on with the volume loud enough to hear outside. Burglars will not target a home if they hear the TV or a radio because they assume someone is home.

Always be observant

You just need to look for things on your street or around your block that may be odd.

An example would be a van parked on the corner of the street that is just sitting with someone inside. It may be nothing, but you can always have a male neighbor, friend or husband walk up and ask if they need help. I would suggest a female not go up to a van by themselves, just to avoid any risk of kidnapping or abduction. You can also call the police and they can go ask the person in the van about them parking on the street.

Watch for strangers walking the neighborhood or anyone who may look suspicious. It’s important to be alert to who is lurking around the area you live.

If you see someone taking a picture of your house or multiple pictures around your home, and then they just walk away, I would consider that suspicious. Report anything that is really strange that the police can investigate. It’s always better to be safe than sorry.

What to do when strangers come to the door

I am a big advocate of not answering the door if there is someone there you do not know. There are too many crazy people in the world, so be safe by keeping the door locked. Burglars also knock first to see if anyone is home before targeting the house. You do not want to open the door, but you want them to know you are home. That is where a video doorbell comes in handy.

You can do what I did and get a video doorbell system. This video doorbell allows you to see on a video camera who is at your door. Your phone is alerted and you can talk through the video doorbell to ask who is there and ask them what they want.  I got the video doorbell at Christmas because the postal man said someone was going around stealing packages off the porches in our neighborhood.

If a person is dressed as a workman and comes to your home looking to inspect the roof or they say they need to read a meter, be weary of this. I know sometimes the gas and electric company show up randomly, so you will need to respond if they come to your door. But be suspicious unless there was a huge storm. If you are uncertain, then don’t answer the door. If they persist, let the husband or any man in the house take care of this stranger to make sure they are legitimate.

How to landscape your yard for security and safety.

A burglar may target your home if you have tall bushes or a bunch of trees surrounding your doors and windows. They look for homes that they can easily go up to and still be concealed because your lawn is like a jungle. Keep the lawn well maintained with trimmed back bushes.

The privacy fence not only gives you privacy but it also lets a burglar have an easy way to break into your home. This is a perfect place to stay hidden while they kick in your back door to enter your home. I am not saying never get a fence, but you do want to make the back yard so it has some visibility. If you really need a high fence then get a camera system for the back yard area. The camera security system should deter a burglar looking to target your home.

How to make your home less enticing to a thief

Keep a car parked in the driveway if you can at all times. The burglar will not likely target a home if they think you are there. A car in the driveway is a clear sign that someone is home.

Set up a timer in the home to turn off and on the lights at different intervals. The lights going on and off in different rooms makes it look like someone is home when in fact they could be gone. Remember “Home Alone”, where the young boy is smart enough to make the house look occupied with mannequins, noise and lights? This is brilliant, and although we don’t need to go to those great lengths, it’s important to have lights on so signal that someone is home.

After reading this article, you can understand how a burglar picks a home to steal from and what they are looking for in an easy target. You have to make your home a hard target. How do you do that? You follow the guidelines we give you for better securing your house.

Remember these safety strategies and put them in place, so your home won’t be a target for thieves. These are all basic practices that are easy to implement, so make sure you have your home protected and secure doing what was listed above.