How to Secure Your Home Windows

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Do you want to secure your home from a burglar breaking in through a window? Are you looking for some proven deices to ensure the security of your home? According to the statistics, thirty percent of burglars try to enter a home through an unlocked door or window. You need to secure your windows using a security system or proven locks, so you can minimize the risk of a break-in. You can consider the following eight tips to secure your home windows.

Keep your windows locked

It is the easiest way to protect a home from burglars. You need to lock your windows before leaving on errands or when going to bed. Most new homes built the last 30 years have pretty good locking mechanisms on them. The older homes with older windows you need to probably add security dowels or better latches to lock the windows. If you are using a slide glass window, then you will have to install a rod on the track where your window slides. You do not want to forget a window is open when you go to bed so do a quick sweep to ensure they are all locked.

Use window bars & grilles

You can install metal window grilles or steel bars to secure both your interior and exterior from intruders. If you are looking for a budget-friendly option, you should think of DIY residential security bars. You want to make sure that you are not installing anti-burglar window bars for each and every window. You should leave one or two free on the second floor if you have a two story house for any emergency exit situations.  A first floor home or apartment you want to make sure you install one window with a security bar on the inside of the house. This will make for an easy way to open the window to get out if there is a fire and you need to escape.

Install a home security camera system

Home security cameras are one of the best ways to secure your home windows and doors. While installing a security camera, you will need the right positioning. For instance, you can put the camera outside to monitor the activities of any one on the street or sidewalk. It can be very helpful to prevent a burglar who is targeting your home once they see the cameras. You will find different types of the security cameras both expensive and affordable. In fact, today’s technology cost has dropped and you can get one of the better camera systems at a great price. Many of the new security cameras have great features such as night vision, motion sensors, HD and 360 degree coverage. You will get email alerts, instant app push notifications, video clips, and images to your phone and then saved to your recorder. You can install a fake security camera, this is really cheap and will definitely make a burglar think twice.

Reinforce your window glass

You can also reinforce your window glass to secure your windows from someone breaking them and to stop the entry of a burglar. There are many ways to reinforce your window glass. You can consider using the following ways.

Use a protective film: This film will make your windows strong and will also prevent intruders from looking into your house if you buy tinted. You will feel secure and protected with a window that a burglar cannot break without tons of noise. If you are looking for a cost-effective solution, security laminates may be the right option.

Buy security screen for your windows: A security screen is made of steel and can help stop a break in.

Consider smash-proof window glass: These are strong and can protect your home window from intruders. These windows make it almost impossible to break so if someone tries it would be loud alerting neighbors.

Use good-quality window locks

The original locks might not be good enough to secure your home windows. You can use good-quality window locks to make your window theft-proof. There are three popular types of quality window locks. These are flop locks, sash locks, and keyed locks. The flip locks will offer easy installation. Keyed locks are expensive but solid. Sash locks are good for the casement, double hung, and single hung windows. You need to find the best locking system for the type of windows in your home or apartment.

Consider bright floodlights

A dark landscaping environment is what a burglar wants around your home. Therefore, it is important to ensure that there is enough light in your yard to prevent shadows or dark areas. You can install window security lights and bright floodlights to brighten the yard or landscape. If you want, you can consider installing motion-sensor floodlights that will light up the area as soon as someone walks by it.

Plant thorny bushes

You might appreciate this innovative way of keeping a burglar away from your windows. What you need to do is to plant a bunch of thorny bushes like roses to prevent the invaders. These bushes will make your windows inaccessible from outside. When planting the bushes, make sure they do not or will not grow to block the window view.

Window alarm systems

Window alarm systems can be very effective to stop the burglars. You can connect your windows to the alarm system in your home. Whenever there is a forced entry, your alarm will go off and the invaders will run away. The police will also be alerted and dispatched to your home. That is great peace of mind knowing someone is coming to help if a burglar forced open a window with a window sensor.

I hope this helps you look at your home or apartment to get a sense of things in your home or apartment that need upgraded. You might have a lock that is broken and need replaced. You may be thinking about an alarm system and this will help you decide. Protecting you and your family inside the home is a key priority. You don’t want to have broken locks or second rate protection devices for your home. Make sure you check out all your windows to ensure they have the best locks available.

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