Where to Place Home Security Cameras?

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Many people want to invest in a home security camera, but aren’t sure how to effectively use them. Two critical elements to making these security systems work are knowing how to set them up and where you should strategically position the cameras. It’s very important to get the information you need in order to make these detailed decisions. If you are looking into purchasing and installing a home security system, I’d like to share with you some helpful information and tips in where to place home security cameras in this post.

When setting up your own home security cameras, whether it be outside or inside, you might need a basic plan before getting  started. You can just throw these cameras up anywhere, but that is not the best way if you want to really set up your home security correctly. Planning exactly where to place all your cameras will allow you to protect your home and valuables successfully. If you can implement a basic lay out plan on where to place your cameras, then you will have a much easier time installing your security system.

Let’s get started on planning your security camera placement, as I walk you through the steps you need to take to do it successfully.

First, you need to map out exactly where you are going to place each security camera. The best way to do this, is to make a drawing of your house on a simple piece of paper, then walk around your house to identify the most ideal locations for your security cameras to be placed. Mark your paper with each location that seems best for installing the camera, depending on the following questions:

  • How many doors do I have on the outside to place a camera at each?
  • Placement of camera to cover garage attached or detached?
  • How many windows do I have and how would I cover every window with the cameras?
  • Does my porch or maybe a nook of my house block the camera view?
  • What is the height off the ground that I should place the cameras?
  • Should I put a camera in areas where my valuables are kept?
  • How many cameras can my recorder handle?
  • Should I have a camera watching a barn or shed?
  • Do my cameras have night vision and if not what type of lighting is needed for them to work at night?
  • How do I position the different cameras for effective use?
  • Where should I place indoor cameras?

Now that you have looked at most of the questions that revolve around planning the security camera lay out, let’s look at each question and go into the details of what you need to strategically place your security cameras. Once you are done reading through all these answers, you will be more prepared to invest in a home security system and be informed on what’s most important to protect your home and valuables.

How many doors do I have on the outside to place a camera at each?

Most homes have 2 or more doors depending on how your house was built. Most people have a front door and a back door but others may also have a side door, basement entrance or garage side door (Not a garage door for car).

The front door will be important to have a camera focused in a way to see the whole front porch. You get deliveries on the front porch and many burglars will knock on the front door to see if you are home. The front door camera will capture all this action that goes on there. When setting up the camera it is best to put it on the ceiling of the porch in the furthest corner with an angle to see the door and most of your front entrance. You want to use the ceiling of the porch because it gives the camera extra protection from the elements. I would only use this one camera to capture the entire front entrance. I would not worry about capturing windows in the front of the house with this camera.

The back door is also important because many robbers can go to the back of the house where it is less likely someone will see them breaking in. This camera I would also place so it can view the whole back entrance including whatever is attached to it. (Ie: Patio, deck, etc.)  If the cameras do not have night vision capabilities, make sure the lighting is really good by the doors. Always have your outside lights on surrounding your home.

I have an overhang on the back entrance of my home, so I placed the cameras there. I have one camera at the far end covering my windows and you can see to the back nook that sticks out. The other camera is placed at the other far end with an angle pointing to the door and porch. This is high enough where someone would have to climb on something to mess with the cameras.  When you place your cameras high, it helps prevent any criminals from tampering with it.

If you have any other doors and these cameras do not fully cover their access, I would put a camera in a place to view these entrance points to your home. If you have 5 doors I would use 5 cameras to cover each one.  

Do I place a camera to cover the garage?

If you have an attached or detached garage, then you will need to also install a camera to cover the garage door. Garage doors are not always easy to open since garage door openers usually are attached. It is best to be safe when setting up your home security, so I highly recommend setting up a camera that can cover the garage as well.

How many windows do I have and how would I cover every window with the cameras?

As for your windows facing the backyard, I would cover the windows with two cameras on either side of the house angled slightly in. For the front yard, I would need another camera on the far side of my house to cover any one walking in the front yard or going up to a window to break in.

If you cover the first floor with positioned cameras, you would not need additional cameras on the second floor for those windows. You just need to make sure the cameras on the first level cover the entire perimeter of the home. You don’t want one side of the home with no cameras. With that said, you may need to strategically place additional cameras on each side of your home, if you have windows there as well.

What is the height off the ground that I should place the cameras?

You want to install your camera at about 8 feet from the ground, if you can. Although it is better to place your security cameras high to prevent a burglar from tampering with it, you don’t want to place them too high, or you will get the top of a burglars head and not the face shot you need. Look for an area you can install your cameras between 8 to 9 feet high. You can still place a camera high on the house but it would not help with getting their face it would be used for overall view of front or backyard.

Should I put a camera in areas where my valuables are kept?

YES. Any location outside the house that holds your valuables should be monitored by a security camera. If you have a shed with expensive tools, make sure a camera covers it. It would be easier for a thief to break into a shed and steal what’s inside, versus breaking into your home, so make sure your camera can scan the shed or anything other location that holds anything valuable to you.

How many cameras can my recorder handle?

You may need 2 cameras or 10 cameras to secure your home based on the planning questions we are going through. You want to make sure the system you buy can support as many cameras as you need. Take this into consideration when buying a home camera security system.

Where to place indoor cameras?

You can also place a few cameras indoor for different reasons. You may want one on a safe you have or a gun safe. You may want to cover the kid’s rooms just to keep an eye on them.

We hope we have answered your questions on where to place home security cameras. Hopefully it also helps you on ways you can plan for installing your own home camera security system. If you are hiring a professional they will probably consult you on placement and look. Make sure you know what you want to do before buying a system and installing it. Make sure you consider the number of cameras you need before purchasing your home security system. If your camera can’t catch it, then your security system can’t effectively protect you.