Let’s take a look at the two best home alarm systems. LiveWatch and Simplisafe both can be set up by the homeowner so no need for expensive installation. 

LiveWatch (Now Brinks)

There are several companies you can go with when looking at Home Security Systems. I currently use LiveWatch which has worked out great for me. I am more of a DIY kind of guy so that is one of the reasons I went with LiveWatch. I can install it myself and when I did the initial set up the programming was not too hard. You have to call LiveWatch and work with a technician to finalize configuration of the system. That was a little cumbersome but I was able to get through it in about an hour or two.

Here is the step by step process I went through to get my alarm system bought and set up.

  • I bought when they had a special so it was less expensive than the price on Amazon. The monitoring is $29 a month.
  • The alarm system is shipped to you.
  • I had to get an alarm permit with my city (Make sure you get this if your city requires it because the fines can be high if you do not have one).
  • Call LiveWatch and set up a time to walk through the installation with a technician.
  • I loaded the LiveWatch app on my phone.
  • The technician called me at the designated time and we installed the security system then tested all of the alarm devices.
  • They walked me through the steps on how to arm and disarm the system.
  • I also got from LiveWatch the different numbers they would call me if the alarm went off and I did not put in code fast enough. I did this so when they call I know it’s them and to pick it up.

They offer 1 year money back guarantee.

    • 2 door sensors
    • 1 motion sensor
    • Pre-configured for your home
    • Professional, 24/7 monitoring
    • Mobile alerts & system control
    • High dB siren
    • 7″ Color touchscreen
    • Bluetooth hands-free disarming
  • Panic buttons for fire and police on the main system

I used this alarm system in a house I was remodeling to sell. The house was vacant for a few months while we fixed it up and I was worried about kids breaking in. This alarm system worked perfectly because one day out of the blue I got a call from LiveWatch saying the alarm went off and the police were dispatched. I was hoping it was a false alarm but my luck was not that good.

I am guessing it was a teenager because the house had nothing in it to steal. The criminal ran before the cops showed up and I am sure it was the high decibel alarm that went off when the motion sensor was activated that scared them. The robber got into the home by throwing a big rock through my sliding glass door in the back of the house. I think if I had a surveillance camera or at least a fake looking one in the back that maybe would have been enough to stop them from breaking the sliding door. The alarm worked and nothing else in the house was damaged or taken. I secured the house and turned the alarm back on until the house was sold.

The alarm system I purchased only has two door sensors and one motion detector similar to the picture above. This was all I needed for the 1500 sq ft house that we were selling. The motion sensor covered the whole first floor so any movement coming into the first floor the alarm would sound. You may need more devices for your home depending on the size and the level of security you want. The way I looked at this system was if they broke in through a window the motion sensor would sound the alarm so I did not add window devices.


This is a great system that I still use today. It’s not perfect and set up the first time is a little cumbersome but at least tech support walks you through it. If the alarm is set off by accident or an intruder then FirstWatch calls you before deploying the police or fire department to make sure its not a false alarm.

Where to Buy

I bought this alarm system off Amazon. They offer competitive discounts and this is probably the safest online site in the world. If you want to see reviews and check the current cost just go check it out. 


SimpliSafe doesn’t have any long-term contracts. So you’ll never pay for something you’re not using. And SimpliSafe is wireless, meaning DIY installation is a cinch, and there’s no hard-wiring or drilling required.

Their kits feature pre-programmed sensors that start working instantly—right out of the box. All packages are fully customizable, so you can start with the sensor listed in this package and add more sensors whenever you want by logging into your account.

Base Station

The Base Station is responsible for sending all your alarm signals to SimpliSafe’s 24/7 alarm monitoring center. No phone line needed.


If a SimpliSafe keypad were smashed, the alarm would continue to function. The ‘brains’ of the Keypad are in the Base Station.

Motion Sensor 

Detects motion within 30 feet. The sensor has a ‘field of vision’ of 90 degrees, giving you a full range of coverage when placed in a corner.

Entry Sensor

This sensor is placed on doors and windows and detects when they’re opened or closed. Designed to fit on all types of doors and windows.


  • Wireless Sensors
  • Fire Protection
  • Mobile App Control
  • 24/7 Monitoring
  • No Annual Contracts
  • Cellular Connection
  • Text & Email Alerts
  • Easy to Install
  • Pet-Friendly
  • Works With Nest
  • No Hidden Fees


This is a great system for anyone looking for a DIY alarm. I have not used this system since I use LiveWatch but I wanted to give you a second option when looking at home alarms. This system like all other ones on the market is not perfect. Read the reviews when you go to buy to make sure some of the issues people have had will make you aware of how this alarm system works.

Where to Buy

A ton of people has bought this system on Amazon. If you want to see reviews and check the current cost just go check it out now.