I like the video doorbell systems that are on the market today. I have the AKASO video doorbell system and it has worked great for me. 

Here are a couple of video doorbell systems that we recommend.

Ring Video Doorbell

  • HD video
  • Hear and speak to anyone at the door
  • Motion sensor
  • Color night vision
  • Video recording there is a cost
  • Battery powered but can also connect to old doorbell wires
  • Works with Alexa and Google Home

You can buy Ring at Amazon.

Akaso Video DoorBell

  • HD video
  • Hear and speak to anyone at the door
  • Motion sensor – I was able to adjust this on mine to make it less sensitive
  • Night vision
  • Video recording to a san disk
  • Battery powered but can also connect to old doorbell wires

If you are interested in grabbing one you can check out Akaso on Amazon.

You might be trying to figure out which video doorbell is right for your home. Most of these systems have similar benefits and features. I bought the AKASO because the reviews on Amazon was good and they have a battery that powers it. The wires I have in my home for the doorbell were too short for me to connect to it. That is why I needed a doorbell that had a battery for power. I also liked the price and all the good reviews. The system has worked well for me the last 9 months I have had the system.

The installation of these video doorbells is really straightforward and requires minimal effort. I was able to install and get mine working within maybe an hour to an hour and a half. I had to adjust the motion sensor but once I did that it works really well.

Installation video doorbells

I just needed a drill, some concrete screws and the parts they gave me. I already had one of the holes in the concrete brick so I marked the other hole and drilled it out. I then took the back side of the doorbell and screwed it into the brick wall on my porch. I did not use the old doorbell wires because they were too short I instead used the battery that came with the system. The battery is rechargeable and I have not had to charge it for 9 months. I installed the outside video camera to the back side and use their special screw to secure it so no one can steal it from my porch. I then loaded the app and configured the system.

The reason I got one is the postman told us someone has been stealing packages in our neighborhood. He said we should not leave packages too long on the front porch. With the video doorbell, the postman usually rings the doorbell alerting me a package is there or the motion sensor alerts me. I then have my wife or my kids can grab the package so no one steals it. The video doorbell also deters thieves once they see it on the porch because they know if they grab my package I will capture their face on the video camera.