How Safe are Wireless Home Security Systems?

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The home security systems today offer some amazing features with incredible technological features. The wireless home security system has become a popular purchase for many home owners around the country. These systems operate using cellular service to contact your monitoring company. This means you do not need a phone line for these systems to work. The key question for any homeowner is “Will this type of wireless security system be safe and reliable to protect my home?” The answer is yes and we will go into more features and benefits of a wireless system in this article. Below you will find the most common questions regarding wireless home security systems, so you can learn more about them and how they operate.

Can My Wireless Home Security System Signal be Jammed

This is a good question and I know I have seen this question asked many times on forums. What we need to do is look at how most burglars operate when looking for a home to rob. According to the FBI, in 2013, 59.2 percent of burglaries involved forcible entry, 34.3 percent were unlawful entries and 6.4 percent were attempted forced entry. What does this mean? Forcible entry is where burglars broke a window to gain access, forced a window open, cut a screen, used a master key, picked a lock, used unauthorized keys, used a skeleton key or used force to open a door. This is how 59.2 percent of burglars gained access. The 34.3 percent were able to gain access by using an unlocked door, going through an opened window or coming through an open garage door.

The point we are making above is most criminals are looking for easy opportunities to get into a home and steal some valuables in less than 5 minutes. The chance that a burglar will use a jamming device to disable your security system is so small the FBI does not track this type of information.

Understanding Jamming Security System Basics

To Make Sure we eliminate your fears about a burglars jamming your security system, let’s look at jamming basics. Many people have concerns that a burglar can jam the wireless alarm system rendering it useless. When looking at jamming a wireless signal, the burglar would have to know the broadcast frequency of your alarm system. The criminal would also need to buy a device that was capable of jamming your system. This also brings up the fact that jamming signals is highly illegal which a burglar would probably not care. The other problem they have is to buy one may be tough because buying or selling without proper certifications is also illegal.

We are not saying it is impossible, because a burglar can find out your device just by the security sign you have in your lawn. They could easily Google the security device frequency to get what they need. Remember this would be a pretty semi sophisticated attack to break into your home, but as previous statistics show, most burglaries are forced entry.

The other thing about jamming devices is it is easier to find equipment for some frequencies than others. The 400Mhz range is very common so that would be an easier frequency to locate a jamming device.

Many newer alarm systems like the ones with Simplisafe have anti-jamming capabilities. This equipment uses an algorithm that can separate smaller RF interference from someone doing a jamming attack on your security system. This will send you an alert to your smartphone and at that time you have to decide whether to sound the alarm.

What does this mean? This means the majority of burglars are going to look for an easier home. If you have a security system, the chances a burglar will jam the signal to rob you is very small because there are too many variables to consider for the burglar, even if the jamming device works. It is much easier to break into a home that has no security system. Remember, the thief wants to get in and out of a home with no risks to getting caught, so they are more likely to target a home that does not have a security system in place.

The Benefit of Having A Security System With No Wires          

The wireless systems have no wires to cut or wires to install throughout the home. You also would not need a phone line for the wireless system. Many people have had concerns about wire cutting or cutting the phone line outside so the alarm does not work. The wireless security system makes it so you do not have to worry about phone line cutting.

You also do not have to run cables throughout the home to all the windows and doors. This makes things a lot easier when doing an install especially if you DIY.

Wireless Systems Do Not Require Power To Operate

People may worry about a power outage or maybe the internet and cable has gone out in your neighborhood. The great thing about the wireless home security systems today is they are built to stay operable no matter what happens outside. These systems do not rely on the internet, phone line or power. Just to be clear on the power claim above, the main security panel does require power but in the event of a power outage these systems have batteries that kick in to allow continuous monitoring. These batteries usually last 48 hours or more so hopefully the electric comes back on by then or you may be able to replace the battery to keep the monitoring active. You need to check with the company where you bought the system to see how long the batteries last.

Interference From Other Devices Is Eliminated

In the old days of wireless security systems, you could have issues with a nearby security system or garage door system communicating on the same channel as yours. This could wreak havoc on your system causing the alarm to go off for no reason. Today’s security systems are set up to only work with your control panel. Only the devices around your home can communicate to the main panel.

Cellular Reliability Has Expanded To Reach Rural Areas

Cellular towers all around the United States have made the cellular blue print much wider. Many more homeowners can buy a wireless home security system even if they are rural. You will need to make sure there is coverage before buying a unit.

Cellular has also gotten more reliable over the last 5 to 10 years. This has made it so more and more people have bought the wireless home security systems. I bought LiveWatch for my properties when they are vacant and I have had great success with this security protection system. I highly recommend it. I am getting new renters. (Didn’t understand this)

Move Anywhere and Take the Wireless Security System With You

One main reason I went wireless is you can take the system with you if you decide to move.  It is very easy to transfer your security system to the new home. If you are moving, you just have to change the address with the monitoring company and also apply for a new alarm permit with the city. Moving each device placed on your windows and doors is also a breeze to transfer into your new home. You can use the Command hanging strips to re-attach each device securely.  You will need to call the security company and walk through the test of the system, but that takes no time at all. This will mean you do not have to wait for an alarm company to get your system back up at the new house. If you time it right, the system will be active the first night you sleep in the new home. This beats waiting for a company to come out and do it which could take several days or longer.

There are many benefits to having a wireless security alarm system in your home. This information should prove helpful in answering common questions you may have about the wireless security system. Take some time to research the systems I highlighted in this article to decided on what wireless system would be best for you and your home. With the developments of more sophisticated systems like these, we have a greater chance of protecting our homes and doing so has become much less complicated with these wireless systems.

Practice Additional Safety Strategies

In addition to having a wireless home security system installed, there are other safety strategies you must consider practicing to keep your home protected from the threat of criminals breaking into your home. You can make these simple changes in your daily routine to lower the risk of your home being a target for thieves. Rest assured that if you take the steps necessary to secure your home through installing a home security system and practice additional safety steps given on this site, your home will be secure and your family and valuables will be protected in the best possible way.