Top 15 Burglar Proofing Ideas for Your Home

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Everyone wants a home that is safe and secure from burglars, this is a no-brainer. But how to make that scenario a reality may not be as clear.

According to the United States Department of Justice, there were on average 3.7 million burglaries per year during the last decade in America.

With today’s readily available home security technology, you can take a few measures to sure up your residence after just a short trip to your local hardware or big box home improvement store.  

Here are some easy burglar proofing ideas to ensure your residence is safe from a break in:

1. Focus on exterior doors

It may sound simple enough, but many homeowners can improve their burglar proofing tactics by taking extra measures to secure their entrances to their home. Exterior doors are an easy way for buglers to enter your home. A properly placed kick can break down the weak spot in a door, which is located at the point where the lock meets the doorjamb. The metal guard in that area is known as the strike-plate. By replacing strike-plate screws that are shorter than three inches, you will provide a much-needed increase in resistance. Additionally, at many hardware or big-box home improvement stores, you can purchase door jamb and strike-plate reinforcement kits that add even more security.

2. Add some light 

Lighting can make a huge difference when talking ways to burglar proof your residence. Increased exterior illumination can eliminate hiding spots around your home. Burglars are much more likely to be deterred from residences that are well lit simply because it increases the chances that they will be detected either by those in the home or neighbors. Many models that are designed for spotlighting the areas around your residence come complete with motion sensors. The lights will then be triggered by movement in their vicinity, which adds as an extra deterring factor for burglars.

3. Place sound alarms around doors and windows

As an alternative to costly alarm systems, companies are now offering easy to install alarms that can be placed around your home to prevent burglaries. The low-cost alternative to traditional monitoring systems are priced around $20 to $30 per unit. The alarms are designed to be placed around doors and windows. Here they can detect whether a door or window is opened and will sound an audible alarm to warn residents that motion has been detected. While not as complete as a home alarm system, these cheaper options can act as a deterring factor for burglars who may be entering your home. You can check out the door and window alarms we recommend.

4. Install a home security system

The best burglar proofing idea for your home is a security system that is remotely monitored by a company such as ADT or Alarm Force. The monthly and startup costs of a system can be a tad pricey, but they are truly the best way to ensure your home is secure both while you are both in and away from your residence. Security monitoring systems will notify the police if the motion sensors in your home are triggered after your alarm has been set. They are truly the most complete way to burglar proof your home if you don’t mind paying the monthly monitoring fees. The alarms we recommend are on the recommended products page. 

5. Replace your old standard locks with smart locks

In today’s technology driven world it’s no surprise that people are even rethinking the types of locks we use on our doors. Instead of keys that can be duplicated or fall into the wrong hands, smart locks use a keyless entry such as a numeric code or even fingerprint scans. The locks offer a more secure door that cannot be picked. Install is easy and requires no hardware or drilling. Simply replace your locks on the doors around your home with smart locks to begin the benefits of a keyless and more secure entrances.You can check out this article on Best keyless door locks that will help you figure out what will work best for you.

6. Replace old windows

Windows are a common entryway for burglars into your home and ensuring that they are up to date is an important, overlooked aspect of home security. While a total window reinstall is a costly burglar proofing idea, the benefits can be numerous. Old windows are subject to years of weathering and corrosion, which can hamper their locking effectiveness. Along with the benefit of having more effective burglar protection, new windows can save you money on your heating and cooling costs for your residence.

7. Install video monitoring devices

Video monitoring systems are becoming an ever more popular method for burglar proofing your home. They allow users to sync them with your smartphone or tablet device for constant visual checks of your home. You can keep an eye on both the exterior and interior of your residence at all times with the live video feeds provided by these devices. They may sound like an expensive method for ensuring home security, however, it is just the opposite. Basic models start around $10 per unit and can provide homeowners with the peace of mind that seeing your house provides. Set these cameras up at each entrance and valuable storage areas of your home for an added bit of assurance that your residence is safe while you are away.

8. Reinforce your patio doors

Patio and sliding glass doors are an easy way for burglars to enter your home. Their large glass frames provide a vulnerable target for forced entry. Along with that, the doors themselves can often be easy to compromise through their weak locking techniques. A low-cost alternative to adding some muscle to your sliding glass door is the widely available deadbolt like a patio door lock. They work in the same way your typical deadbolt does by providing an extra locking layer of protection to a door. Available for around $20 patio door locks can be found in your local hardware store or online.

9. Secure your belongings

As a last ditch preventive method for preventing a burglary should someone enter your home is by storing your valuables in a secure lock box or safe. Keeping important items in a safe place is the best way to ensure that they are not stolen should the unfortunate occurrence happen. Fastening your safe or lockbox to a floor or wall can prevent a theft from happening if a burglar is in your home.

10. Use automatic timers for interior lights

Automatic timers are easy to install and can provide the same benefits as more costly methods of burglar-proofing your home. By having interior lights come on as it gets dark, you can ensure that it always appears as though someone is home whether they are or not. This is particular important in rooms that have a door to the exterior of your home. Rooms that lead to the front and rear entrances of your home should always be illuminated and automatic timers are a great way to make that happen like clockwork.

11. Secure your garage

The garage is an often overlooked aspect of home security. If your house has an attached garage it is particularly important to ensure that it is secure. Whether you are home or not, it is in the best practice to keep your garage door down at all times. An open garage door is practically an invitation into your residence. And if you use an opener to gain access to your garage, take it inside with you. A common method for burglars, who are looking to get into your garage, is to break into cars parked in the driveway then use the opener to get inside.

12. Get a dog

While not the most practical method for securing your house, a furry friend can act as an added layer of security for your home. Dogs are like old-fashioned alarm systems and can alert you or your neighbors that a burglar is around your residence. A barking dog is great at drawing attention to anything that is amiss at your home. Burglars often don’t want to deal with the prospect of being attacked by a dog.

13. Get to know your neighbors

It may sound like common courtesy, but your neighbors can provide you with an added peace of mind that your house is being watched when you are away. It is a good practice to let those who live around you know when anything out your usual routine changes that way they can keep an eye out for anything out of the ordinary.

14. Keep up with home maintenance

The best deterring factor for burglar prevention is to give the appearance that someone is home. Without upkeeping the general appearance of your home, you can make it look like the home could be unoccupied. A regular mowed yard, trimmed landscaping and maintained exterior will keep your house from looking like you are on vacation.

15. Be careful with your trash

Burglars will often times inspect your trash for boxes of large items, such as new appliances. If you have just installed a new TV or valuable home good, it is best practice to dispose of the packaging in a discreet manner. The best way to tip off burglars that something valuable is inside your house is to have its box sitting on the curb.


Hopefully, we have given you some good information on ways you can protect your home. You need to now just implement these ideas so your home is safer. Many of the ideas we have cost nothing or the cost is minimal. If you are on a budget just do what you can this year.