How to Use a Stun Gun for Self-Defense

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The stun gun can be an excellent weapon to use against an attacker, if used properly. You need to make sure you buy a stun gun over 300,000 volts because these will be the most effective. There will be times when you are in areas or in certain circumstances where a stun gun can help you out. A stun gun not only affects the body it also affects the brain. This device will repeatedly send electrical shock through the attacker’s body until you disengage or pull the stun gun away.

The stun gun works on the nervous system. It will over load the nervous system dumping energy into the muscles with the high frequency voltage which will overwhelm the muscles. The current will deplete the blood sugar converting to lactic acid and within seconds this makes it difficult to move or do anything. The current moves through the muscle system interrupting muscle movement in the body. This causes the attacker to fall down or at least become disoriented and confused. That is all you need to escape to safety.

Here are some tips how to use the Stun Gun effectively:

  • If possible, push the Stun Gun on Skin – If you can, try to push the stun gun against the skin of the attacker. Aim for the hands, the neck, the face or the arms if the person has a short sleeve shirt. Not all stun guns can penetrate clothing, so make sure the one you get can work through clothing.
  • Use the Stun Gun for Several Seconds – The Stun Gun will not work as soon as it hits the aggressor’s skin. You need to press it on the skin for several seconds.
  • On Small exception: Tough People – Some people can withstand the electrical shock and not go down. Be prepared to also use mace or a knife to defend yourself. We advocate carrying several different defense tools to protect yourself.

Where and when can you carry a stun gun:

You should carry a stun gun all the time, unless you are traveling to a state or live in a state that a stun gun is illegal. A stun gun can be carried in your purse, in a pocket or on your key chain. It all depends on the size you get. Consider these things when looking into how you can carry it and where you are located.

Is it legal to use a stun gun?

The following STATES are ILLEGAL to own or possess a stun gun:


Illinois – LEGAL but has restrictions – Illinois Stun Gun Laws.


Michigan – Stun Guns are prohibited. …

New Jersey.

New York.

Rhode Island.

District of Columbia.

All other states you can legally carry a stun gun, but you should check local city and state laws to see if there are any restrictions.

Here are situations when you need to have a stun gun ready or accessible


You need to have a stun gun by the bed, perhaps on a nightstand. You want it ready in the middle of the night in case someone breaks into your home. Having it right next to you on the night stand makes it easy for you to grab and use if needed.

The other place you can keep one is in the kitchen. If someone was to break in while you are home you can get to the kitchen to grab the stun gun.

You should place your stun gun anywhere in your home you can easily access it, if needed. So consider where you spend most of your time, or where you can safely secure it in a disclosed area that no children can get to.

Jogging or walking

You should carry your stun gun while jogging or walking around anywhere you go outside your home. You should always carry a defensive weapon with you. The stun gun is the perfect weapon to carry. You will need to be aware of who is around you or if someone comes up on you. The best thing to do is to always prepared to use your weapon, so hold it in your hand as you run or walk. If you are attacked, you can easily hold the stun gun to the attacker knocking them down so you can get away.

If you keep the stun gun in a pocket or fanny pack, it would be difficult to access it if someone if someone grabbed you, because you may not be able to get to it by then. Most attacks are sudden and without warning, so always being prepared is the best way to stay safe.

Night out with friends

If you are out with friends, then you want to keep it in a purse or in a pocket. In this particular situation, you would have to pull it out and then try to use it. That means you just need to stay alert of any potential danger and at first sight of trouble, grab it to be ready to use.

Parking lots

There are many attacks that happen in parking lots. I would carry this in your hand ready to use every time you walk to your car. As you walk to your car, you just need to look around for anything unusual that may alert you to danger. I watched a true life story where a newly released prisoner was just waiting at a strip mall area for a vulnerable woman. He found a target victim, then came up behind her with a knife and forced her into her car to take her to a different state.

A stun gun or mace could have stopped this attack. I know he had a knife as a weapon, but we always advocate for people to do everything you can to not go to a second location with an abductor. You have a better chance of survival if you fight back with all you can, when they are trying to abduct you.

Men do get attacked too, so men should carry a stun gun as well. Men need to be ready to defend themselves against attackers and possessing a stun gun is also a good choice for them.

Can a stun gun penetrate clothes?

People ask if a stun gun will penetrate clothes all the time. It all depends on the type of stun gun you own. The higher the volts (especially over 300,000 volts) the more likely it will work through the clothes. As we mentioned before, try to press the stun gun against the skin, but if that is not possible, then press the device against the clothes. Hold the trigger as long as it takes to knock down the attacker.

Can a stun gun knock someone unconscious?

This will depend on the attacker and their tolerance for pain. The device is not made to knock someone unconscious, it was made to incapacitate someone. If a person has a heart problem or some other medical condition, it could cause them to go unconscious. A person could also be knocked out if they fall and hit their head on the concrete or paving.

After reading this article, you know how a stun gun works and what it will do to an attacker. You need to get one that best fits your needs. You can research and purchase a stun gun after checking out our recommended products. And remember to carry it with you, because if you do not carry it with you, then you cannot use it when you need it the most. This weapon can be a great self-defense tactic for anyone, and I highly recommend you having one.

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