What Time do Most Break-Ins Occur?

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People often wonder when do burglars break into a home? The answer is burglars do not always break in at night like most people think. The truth is 70% of all break-ins happen during the day. Most burglars are not dressed in ski mask creeping around in all dark clothing looking to break into a home. A burglar when casing a home that they want to break into they will often just go through the front door that was left unlocked. If the front door is not unlocked they will check the windows to see if any of those were left unsecured. You do not want to make breaking into your home easy for a burglar.

Summertime is burglar time

The summer is time for us to relax kick back, have some fun and enjoy the hot weather. Families go on vacation, with most vacations being in the summer thieves know this and will target homes while people are on vacation. It’s just like the movie home alone but not during Christmas instead burglar’s break-in during the summer.

When your family goes on vacation you must make sure to lock all the doors and windows in the home. The vacation can be either by car or by plane but no matter which one you take make sure you close the garage door when you leave the home. New technology allows us to check our home to ensure doors are locked and the garage door is shut. You want to make your home a tough target for burglars so make sure you secure your home when leaving on summer vacation.

Day time theft

We work on the lawn in the summer and plant flowers in the flower beds. Working on the yard we usually leave the garage door open or if we have a shed we may leave the door to the shed open. We as homeowners must make sure to secure the shed or the garage once we are done working outside. You also need to watch out for people just walking down the sidewalk they can easily just walk into your garage grab a few power tools and walk right out with a few power tools. If you were going to keep expensive bikes, power tools and mowers in a shed or barn you must make sure to properly secure the doors or windows. Breaking into a barn or shed is very easy since most of the time it is in an area of the property that is secluded or away from the home. If you use a cctv camera system you may want to angle a camera towards your shed or barn to better secure your valuables. You can also add an alarm system to your barn or shed with a loud siren to scare away someone trying to break in.

So when do burglars break into homes?

Like we mentioned earlier burglars do not always break into a home at night. Studies have shown that 60 to 70% of all break-ins happen during the day between 6 am and 6 pm. The key time is between noon and 2:30 pm. The reason is most people that come home for lunch will go back to work and kids do not come home till usually after 2:30 p.m. This time is the perfect opportunity for a burglar to get into the home and out with nobody being home.

What can you do to deter burglars

You may be asking what can I do to secure my home and deter burglars from breaking in? there are few simple things you can do to secure your home. Make sure you know your neighbors and become close friends with them if possible. Having neighbors that are your friends makes it so there is always an extra pair of eyes watching your home when you are not there.

One popular device used today to deter burglars is the video doorbell. I currently have a video doorbell system on my home to prevent people from stealing packages off my porch. The video doorbell is a great deterrent because a burglar knows that you will record them walking up to the front door if they are thinking of breaking into your home. The video doorbell starts recording by motion, so when someone walks up to the door it automatically starts the recording and alerts you of the motion.

Why burglars break in during the day and less at night

You may wonder why do burglars break in more often during the day than at night. During the day burglars can just walk down the sidewalk, come up to a house that they are looking to break into and knock on the door. If no one answers the door they can try to turn the doorknob of the front door and just walk right in if it is unlocked. If you went to work and left your front door open or unlocked this is an easy way for a burglar to make 2 to $3,000 stealing from your home that you left wide open. If the homeowner catches a stranger on their property the stranger can just say they were looking for so and so and must have the wrong address. They can also say they have lost a cat or a dog and was wondering if the homeowner had seen that cat or dog in the area. Many times these thieves or burglars have a good game plan in place when casing a home or approaching a home to break into. When they knock on the door if you answer and they find out your home they will just tell you a story. Then the burglar will just move on to the next home where someone is not home because they are looking for an easier home to break into.

Breaking into a home at night has many disadvantages to breaking in during the day. It’s difficult at night because if a homeowner catches you on their property at night the story they spin is tough. They could say they this was their friends address or that they were looking for a lost cat or dog. These stories are more believable during the day than at night. Burglars want to break into homes with the homeowner not there. They are way more likely to encounter a homeowner at night then at 1:30 or 2:30 pm during the day. You still need to secure your home at night because there are burglars that will break in at night. Make sure you close the garage door and lock up because you still want to keep you and your family safe.  

This is an interesting fact in 2012 there were approximately 700,000 burglaries during the day which happens to be double the amount that was reported at night.

I hope the information contained in this article helps you better secure your home. You also now know what to watch for if a burglar is targeting your home. Such as a stranger knocking on your door giving you a story about a lost cat or dog or they thought maybe this was their friends home and they got the wrong address. You also know that most burglaries happen during the day so make sure your home is secure before going back to work. You can also do easy things such as installing a motion sensor video camera in the house. This way if someone does break-in the camera will alert the app on your phone to the motion in the home. You can also add a security system to the home for times when you are away.