What to do in Case of a Home Invasion

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A home invasion can be really scary for you and the family. If someone has forced themselves into the home while you are there it is serious. Many burglars will break-in when the homeowners are away from home. The burglar just wants to steal your valuables in the home. They do not want to get caught so they limit their risk by robbing when no one is there.

You never know when someone has targeted you for a home invasion. The way to keep your family safe is to have a plan and be prepared.

When these guys force their way into your home you are trapped. They will probably have guns or knives which puts you in huge danger.

The questions are:

  • How will you react under extreme duress?
  • What will happen to my family?
  • What can I do to get my family out of this situation?

The 3 questions should get some ideas flowing. You should also try to visualize how you would handle each event in the home invasion.

  • When the invaders forced their way in will you fight back? Are you trained to fight? Do they have weapons that will prevent you from fighting them? If there are 2 criminals can you fight both and what if there are 3 invaders?
  • Do you have a weapon nearby you can grab to defend yourself? If they have a gun what will you do? 
  • Can you and the family escape out the back door? Can you hit the alarm panic button? Your cell phone can send a distress signal so can you activate? If some family members are upstairs and you are downstairs what do you do to warn them?
  • What do you do if they try to tie you up? What if they take your wife or kids with them?
  • What would you do to save your family?

I would need to get a sense of what they are doing to decide my course of action. If they are just robbing me then you can have all the valuables in the home. I would not stop anyone that was just robbing the home.

If you come into my home to hurt my wife or kids well then you will probably end up meeting god or worst case I will be meeting god. I am trained to fight since the age of 20 years old I have taken several fighting arts. This is my background and I know what I can do to harm or kill an intruder. If someone tries to hurt my family or move any of them to a second location then it is fight time. Death comes to us all at some point so if I died protecting my family then that is how it should be.

Let’s talk about a home invasion scenario:

Two guys force themselves into the home and try to separate the women and the men. While the first intruder is taking the women to another room I would strike the first intruder in the throat collapsing their windpipe. If that does not cause him to fall then a few strikes to the chin knocking him out will do the trick. I can grab the first intruder’s gun and use it against the second intruder.  

I know this is what if scenario but it is important to think about how you would handle different situations. I am not asking you to be paranoid looking for a home invasion to happen next week. I am just asking you to think and plan a little for the family.

How this will play out for your family depends on two things. Do you have a plan and have you set up your home to defend against an invasion. We are going to look at several ways you can protect your home and family.

You need a home defense system

We are going to go through everything you need to do to make your home invasion proof. If a bad guy is outside and you are inside we want to keep it that way.

The list below is everything you should do to your home to make it invasion-proof. You do not have to do everything on the list below. The thing is the more you can do the better prepared you will be if a home invasion happens.

Front Door and Back Door

You need to reinforce your door frames to make them kick in resistant. This is pretty easy to do with the current doors and frames. You do not have to be a carpenter to secure your doors. You will probably need to know how to use a hammer if you cannot use a hammer then hire a handyman to help install the Door Armor product. This product will make it so anyone trying to get in cannot kick in your doors.

You will want to use this on every door in your home. Most homes have a front door and a back door so definitely install it on those two doors. You may also have a door leading to the garage to make sure to install Door Armor on it.

There is one other place we suggest you install Door Armor. You need to also reinforce the door to your safe room in the home. We will talk about setting up a safe room and that interior door needs to be reinforced.

Front door peephole needs to be apart of your door or you need a video doorbell camera. When someone knocks or rings the doorbell you should not just open the door. You need to see who it is by using the peephole or the video doorbell camera. If you do not know who it is then you need to tell them you are busy and do not open the door.

Garage Door

I have done it and I know you have done it at some point in your life. You have left the garage door open all night by accident. If your garage is attached to the home that is definitely not good because the garage and now your home is wide open to anyone. If you have a detached garage then only the things in there would be stolen. That is still not good but better than having the burglar get into your house while you are sleeping.

Check the garage every night before you go to bed to make sure it is closed. My garage door opener on the wall also has a button you can set to make it so no remote can open the garage door. This is an extra security feature you can use if you want.

Some garage doors have extra side locks you can activate. You may want to use these locks if you leave on vacation. You can use these locks at night to prevent home invasion or a break in.

Sliding Glass Doors

You will also need to make sure your sliding glass door is secure. I would add extra locking devices to the sliding door. I use a stick on one of my sliding doors to prevent anyone from pulling hard on the handle to open the sliding door. There are also better locks that you can put on the main door to secure it from a break in. Do not just use the factory installed latches they have on these doors. I can break that lock with one hard pull using one hand.

Safe Room

You need to create a safe room for the family. This is a room that should be on the floor where everyone is sleeping. If the whole family sleeps on the second floor then make a safe room on the second floor. Two safe rooms may be required if you have bedrooms on the first and second floor. You need to create a plan for everyone to make it to the safe rooms in case of a home invasion or a burglary.

To be able to fight off an attack if the invaders try to enter the safe room you need skills. 

If you are in the safe room make sure you have the door reinforced so they cannot kick it in. 

The other thing you can do is have a rope ladder that your family can use to escape through the window. When you are all in the safe room you can use that to get out through the window then run to the neighbor’s home for help.

Do not leave the safe room until the police arrive.

Code word

Your family should have a code word. This is to be used by the family and means the family needs to spring into action. Make it simple like “ESCAPE” and everyone in the family knows that word means to go to the safe room. You can use several code words for different actions you want the family to do


You can use anything in the home as a weapon. If they break through your front door and the family is not to the safe room you may have to fight. You need to assess are they there just to steal from you or are they going to cause your family harm

I know it is tough to make those quick decisions but it is a tough situation. If you do not know how to fight or use weapons lying around then you may need to find another way to escape with the family. Hopefully, the police are on their way because of the noise or a family member was able to call the police.

If you are a skilled fighter and think you could knock them out or injure enough to escape with the family then do it. Especially if you think they will seriously hurt or kill the family.

Everyday items in the home you can use in self-defense include:

  • Kitchen knives
  • Books you can use the binding edge to strike the throat or body
  • Lamps can be used
  • Pots or pans in the kitchen
  • Glass bottle like a wine bottle
  • Fork
  • Pens or pencils like in Jason Bourne movies
  • Vases

Literally, you can use almost anything to defend yourself. You just need to look around each room sometime in the next week and visualize what you could use if this scenario happened.

You can become a skilled fighter to defend yourself and your family by training in a street fighting martial arts. I list the training below of the systems out there you should look at taking.


You can have two types of alarms. You can connect an alarm system to secure your doors and windows from a break in. The alarm systems today also have panic buttons so if you are by the system and they break in you can hit the panic alarm. This sends a signal to the security company to send the police immediately to the home.

Many of the new alarm systems also have a keychain you can use to disarm and arm the security system. They also have a panic alarm button that you can push if you are not close to the panic button on the alarm console.

You can also have a bullhorn or another loud siren set up into the safe room. You can blast this alarm siren to hopefully have a neighbor hear and call the police. This will hopefully scare the perpetrators making them run out of the house. Anything you can do to scare them and save you, then do it.

Phone SOS

Your phone can be used to send an emergency alert. Many new phones have it set up where you hit the power button so many times to send the alert. You need to look at your type of phone online to see if it has that feature. You can also add an app to your phone if it does not have the SOS built into it.

Fight Back

You only look at this option if you can actually fight. If you cannot fight or know some type of self-defense then this may be a hard option. If the intruders are threatening to hurt or take a family member then at that point you need to fight.

You can never let anyone in the family go to a second location. It would be much better to fight back in your home because it is likely you will die at the second location.

You need to have a plan before going through with an attack. You also need to make sure you fight back before they duct tape you to a chair. If there are more than two guys then your chances are slim and none.

Four guys are way too many for one person to take on in a fight. If only one or two guys broke in then your odds are better especially if they both are separated. Like one was watching you and the family while the other guy is canvassing the house.

You can take some self-defense classes to better prepare you and your family. I advise everyone to take some type of self-defense or combative martial arts in your lifetime. I especially think females need to take classes to defend themselves from an attack.

We suggest you take some online training classes on this website called Train to Fight Back. This online training teaches you how to defend yourself by using many of the fighting arts listed below.

Here is what I suggest you can take locally if you do not do online training:

  • The cheapest and easiest is to sign up for a local self-defense seminar they are usually free
  • JiuJitsu is the next recommendation we think everyone should take classes in this martial arts. They teach ground fighting, grappling and submission. If you learn how to do JiuJitsu you can usually take down and control men twice your size.
    • The training can quickly prepare you in 3 to 12 months to be able to win against attackers. This martial art is not like others where they tell you it takes years to get proficient.
    • My son trained in JiuJitsu at the age of 7 years old and I would say in 6 months there is no one in his grade that could beat him if they picked a fight with him. I like this martial art because if my son had to defend himself against a bully he could take them to the ground and submit them without injuring them.
  • MMA fighting is another way to become really good at fighting in a short time. MMA will focus on ground and stand up fighting techniques. They do not focus on self-defense but learning MMA the skill sets will serve you well in a fight for your life. I trained in MMA for three years and I would not want to street fight the guys in my gym. All the fighters hit and kick like a baseball bat is hitting you.
  • Krav Maga is an Israeli Special Forces self-defense training program that focuses on getting away from someone trying to hurt you. I took the basics of this training for about a year and it was similar to my Jeet Kune Do training and MMA training. They have a lot of similarities to how you train and what you learn.
  • Muay Thai is not geared towards self-defense but it is a very brutal martial art that you can use in a fight. They use elbows, kicks, punches, and knees to devastate opponents. This is popular and originated in Thailand. Go watch a YouTube video of these fights and you will see what I mean.
  • Jeet Kune Do is a style developed by Bruce Lee. I took this when I was younger for 3 years. If you have a school nearby you can look at this as an option for training. My fighting skills started with Jeet Kune Do and then I progressed to boxing, Krav Maga and then MMA fighting. Jeet Kune Do and MMA already incorporate Muay Thai strikes into their program.

This can’t happen to me

People think this all the time. They say it can’t happen to me I live in a good neighborhood. Bad people do not just stay in the bad neighborhoods they look for nice neighborhoods to steal from homeowners. You need to be ready no matter where or how you live. The home invaders target easy unsuspecting homeowners.

You just need to be prepared and make sure you follow the ideas we have laid out for you and your family. The things we recommend to buy to protect the home are very economical. It is well worth the money to save your family from an invasion terror.


Home invasion happens fast and is usually violent. These guys are not coming in to hang out for tea they are coming to hurt you and your family. You need to access how many attackers are trying to come through the door. If it is fewer than two can you fight them off or injure them using a kitchen knife or any household items lying around.

Did four guys come through the door so now fighting may be a bad option? It would be tough to take out four guys unless you are Chuck Norris. This would require retreat and barricade the family in a safe room if you have one.

If they come through the door and have captured the whole family can you get an alarm sent by phone to the police?

Can you hit the panic button on your alarm system to notify the police?

Can you dial 911 and leave the phone on so the dispatcher can hear what is going on?

If they have all the time in the world to do what they want in your home then the situation will get worse. Even if you have to run to the panic button on your security system and hit it to alert the police then you just have to do that.

You might get beaten for a few minutes by the invaders for hitting the panic button but now the police are coming and they have no time.

Never I mean never let them take any of your family members to a second location. If they try to do that you have no choice but to fight. You need to fight like lives depend on it because it does.

I know there is a ton of information in this article about what you need to do if you are caught in a home invasion.

The article really has two basic things you need to look at your home.

You need to set up a safe room and you need to secure your doors so they cannot be kicked in.

If you can reinforce your door with Door Armor then you now have more time to call the police or hit the panic button on your alarm. You also have time to get to your safe room and prepare any weapons you have to fight back. The door is the key to stopping a home invasion. Just do what we have reviewed in the article. You will then be better prepared if this scenario ever plays out.